The MPF Timeline

At myPortableFinance, we want to personally thank you for all your support since the beginning. For those of you who are new here, this is our timeline to show how far we've come and where we're heading!

Where we're heading

2022 JUL 31

myPortableFinance has our second Birthday!

MPF V5 will be released

- Brand new interactive & even more intuitive design (mobile and web)

- Net worth calculator will be released

- Major internal changes

- New Knowledgebase Articles

2022 APR 19

MPF V4.1.2 will be released

- Finance Broker & Accountant Access V2 will be released

- Bulk management of transactions (editing, deleting & more)

- Minor feature updates

2022 JAN 29

MPF V4 will be released

- The MPF Property Portfolio Manager will be released

- Calendar view for finance management and scheduling

- Major upgrades

- New Knowledgebase Articles

2021 DEC 1

MPF V3.3.1 will be released

Finance Broker & Accountant Access will be released

- Client Management

- Full access to Clients MPF Profile

- Ability to setup Clients & their accounts

- Compare Client finances & performance

- MPF Users: Link multiple Finance Brokers & Accountants

- New Knowledgebase Articles

How far we've come

2021 OCT 29

MPF V3.2 is released

- Bank Sync V2 is released

- Performance upgrades

- Smooth graph animations

- Minor feature updates

2021 AUGUST 8

myPortableFinance reaches 1000+ Linkedin Followers

2021 JULY 31

myPortableFinance has our first Birthday!

myPortableFinance launches our brand new website!

MPF V3 is released

- Brand new App Design

- In App Notifications

- Ability to add Profile Pictures

- New Knowledgebase Articles

- New minor features

- The MPF Super Annuation Dashboard is released

2021 JULY 20

myPortableFinance is on Twitter!

2021 APRIL 6

MPF V2 is released

- New Dark Mode

- Performance upgrades

- Upgraded accessibility

- New Knowledgebase Articles

- New minor features

2021 FEB 14

MPF V1.1 is released

- The MPF Vehicle Manager is released


myPortableFinance is on Pinterest!

2020 OCTOBER 20

myPortableFinance is available on Google Play

2020 OCTOBER 13

myPortableFinance Registered Trademark is Accepted

2020 AUGUST 23

myPortableFinance welcomes our first customer!

2020 JULY 31

myPortableFinance V1 is released publicly!

2020 JULY 10

myPortableFinance is registered as an Australian Business

After a huge amount of hard work and dedication, myPortableFinance is ready for release

2019 JAN 15

After being unable to find a personal finance management product suitable and being tired of using spreadsheets, Dean speaks with Daniel over some lunch and myPortableFinance is born

Dean starts development on myPortableFinance