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How to use Wage Manager

Studies show alot of people live "week to week", meaning they live per wage cycle whether it be Weekly, Fortnightly, etc. Wage Manager is designed to help you hold your expenses before they occur. *Making sure you always have the money available. For the Wage Manager to work, you will need atleast 1 Savings account and 1 normal account.

Organise Wage Manager to your specific period (example: you are paid weekly and today is your payday/bill day). Once you can see how much your expenses will cost for the period selected, you can transfer each amount /or total to your savings account. This is "Holding" your income. Consider this savings account as spent income - do not withdraw, except for when your Due Expenses occur.

*myPortableFinance cannot forsee your emergency expenses and are not responsible for your Wage Manager usage.

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Article last updated: 18/04/2021