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How to manage your Vehicles

Vehicle Manager is where you can manage all your vehicles and keep an eye on how much they are actually costing you

Part 1 - Manual Adding of Vehicles

1. Tap/Click "Add New Vehicle"

2. Fill out the Vehicle form

Part 2 - Breakdown of Vehicle Form

Name - Vehicle Name

Asset Number - Asset Number

Registration Number - Vehicle Registration Number

Registration State - State where Registered

Make - Vehicle Make

Model - Vehicle Model

Year Manufactured - Year Vehicle was built

Purchase Date - Date Vehicle was Purchased

Notes - Notes for Vehicle

Registration is Active - Check if Registration is Active

Part 3 - Understanding the Vehicle Tracking Dashboard

Once a Vehicle is created and has linked expenses - you can view via the Vehicle Expense Tracking graph, how much the Vehicle is costing you - weekly, monthly and yearly

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Article last updated: 17/04/2021