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How to link Tracked Income/Expenses as Annual Income/Expenses

This is only required if you have already created an Annual Expense or Income, if not - please see How to Manage your Income Sources/Annual Expenses

When you link a transaction to an Annual Expense or Income Source, all future transactions synced from your bank(s) matching the same transaction data, will be auto updated with the same Categories, Friendly Name, Dates, etc and sorted in your Expense/Income Dashboard

This also means that you will get notifications related to your re-occuring Expenses or Income and if a transaction is found related, myPortableFinance will auto update the Due Date for the Expense or Income

Part 1 - Linking to Annual Expense

1. Tap/Click the "Link" icon (button) on a Tracked Expense

2. Select "Link to Annual Expense"

3. Select Expense to link

4. Tap/Click "Link"

Part 2 - Linking to Income Source

1. Tap/Click the "Link" icon (button) on a Tracked Income

2. Select "Link to Income Source"

3. Select Income Source to link

4. Tap/Click "Link"

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Article last updated: 20/04/2021