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How to manage your Savings Goals

Managing your Savings Goals with myPortableFinance is a cinch, just add one/all of your Savings Goals and MPF will do the rest!

Part 1 - Manual Adding of Savings Goals

1. Tap/Click "Add New Savings Goal"

2. Fill out the transaction form

Part 2 - Breakdown of Savings Goal

Transaction - Expense Transaction data (synced from your bank)

Friendly Name - Friendly Name for the expense displays

Goal - Total goal amount

Cycle - Goal Cycle, how often the instalment is required

Due Date - When you wish to have the Savings Goal completed

Part 3 - Breakdown of Savings Goal Actions

View Savings Goal

Track new Additional Savings Deposit - when you make an additional deposit, you can manually track additional deposits here

Delete Savings Goal

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Article last updated: 19/04/2021