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How to manage your Income Sources

Part 1 - Understanding Income Sources

Income Sources are your re-occurring income occurring throughout the year. Your income transactions can be linked to an Income Source, which will automatically sync all past/future transactions & data - based on the linked Income.

Income Sources are also responsible for your Projected Income Totals for the year

Part 2 - Adding Income Sources from Transactions

1. Navigate to Income Tracking

2. Tap/Click "+" on a transaction

3. Fill out the Income Source form

Part 3 - Manual Adding of Income Sources

1. Navigate to Income Tracking

2. Tap/Click "Add New Income Source"

3. Fill out the Income Source form

Part 4 - Breakdown of Income Source

Category - Income Parent Category

Type - Income Category Type

Transaction - Income Transaction data (added once linked to a transaction)

Friendly Name - Friendly Name for the income displays (usually the Employer name/Company Name)

NET ($) - Income NET amount (please add based on Period selected)

Period - Income Period, how often the income re-occurs (once an Income Source is added, the next Due Date is calculated from the day entered + Period selected

Active Income - Check if the Income is currently active or not

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Article last updated: 17/04/2021