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How to track an Expense

Expense Tracking is where all your synced transactions will display. You can also add manually tracked transactions (i.e cash) and share transactions with family/friends

Expense Tracking is also where you can quickly add your Annual Expenses (re-occurring expenses) or link a transaction to an already created Annual Expense (which will then add all future synced transactions under the selected Annual Expense)

Part 1 - Automatic Tracking

1. This occurs automatically once you connect your first bank

Part 2 - Manual Tracking

1. Tap/Click "Track New Expense"

2. Fill out the transaction form

3. (Optional) Add a receipt (upload file)

Part 3 - Breakdown of Transaction

Category - Expense Parent Category

Type - Expense Category Type

Transaction - Expense Transaction data (synced from your bank)

Friendly Name - Friendly Name for the expense displays

Actual (ACT) - Actual cost of expense (NET)

Projected (PRJ) - Projected cost of expense (NET)

Paid - Date Paid

Add Receipt - Upload receipt

Part 4 - Breakdown of Transaction Actions

Add new Annual Expense

Link Transaction to Annual Expense or Vehicle

Remember Expense

View All Expense Details

Share Expense

Update Expense

Delete Expense

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Article last updated: 09/04/2021